A Man and His Recovery – God’s Puzzle

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In a filigree way, in details and almost materially Author submits in this book “A Man and His Recovery – God´s Puzzle” an evidence that the first step to recovery is the self-knowledge – from the outside or from inside. Only a clear self-reflection can help us to recognize the blocks and wounds, remove and transform them. As our „mud“ – our own energy, emotions, ideas, etc. – is all the time connected with us in its own way and one can dispose it only  with his own effort as it is shown by many episodes concerning our own body and energetic system of this extremely poetic and charming workpiece.

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ISBN: 978-3-9502586-7-7
Hardcover, 150 pages
Publication Date: in German language; 2010
ebook order (only in german): www.amazon.de (Print & Ebook), www.amazon.com  (ebook), www.amazon.co.uk