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Interview with Kristina Hazler

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Author: Horst Exler (Translation from German original)

Mrs Hazler, it is very difficult to classify you as an author; likely it’s also your intention. How would you characterize yourself?

The life is very complex; any level, any subject require different visual angle and certain language for its visualization and understandable transmission. I am one of people who like communication with life in its whole multiformity. Can I ask you? How would you like to classify life?

You knew political systems on both sides of iron curtain. What about your personal experiences with them? Where and how did you feel free or non-freely?

It’s a difficult question; back along I thought that I am not free and tried to be free more markedly: for example to express my opinion, the possibility to travel, have access to uncensored literature, etc. Then I experienced this “freedom” and finally I realized that I am not free any more. Everyday life, bustle and materialism gobbled me up and I had no time reading and dreaming.  My priorities gradually moved without my will. Only several earthquakes in my life helped me recover and reroute my way again from suggested/illusory freedom to the inner one. It was not easy way.

You went knowingly on a journey to separate worlds to be able to write out your stories. Did you want to find a ”conscious”  slowdown or meditation?

We can talk about decision if you have no other possibility? It is a possibility, rescue when nothing makes sense? I mean a period when the black things are not black and the white ones are not white any more,  when you can’t trust your eyes, your ears don’t want to hear what they are hearing, when all the world is falling on you and an unavoidable disaster is coming on.

No, it was not meditation, it was a step toward life, a resurrection.

When I read your stories, I feel a pleasant „slowdown“. Is it your intention? Do you want to send back people or to bring them more to their root, to their inner world?

My experiences and research showed that each of us has a possibility to perceive some subject being relevant for him in an optimal way some at certain velocity  and process it for his own behalf. The purpose of my books is to offer to people the possibility, space or frame for meeting/knowing their individual optimum velocity and this way to immerse to their own world without  formalities or visibility and at the same time to know the multidimensional dimensions or frequencies.    

You wrote several books and stories taking place in various realities and on various consciousnesses levels and despite that you are always surprised with action and events. What are you inspired and driven with and what’s your orientation point?

I am always inspired with a vivid feeling and unusually brisk communication and exchange that I experience just rarely in outside world but that I need as some source of basic food. And time after time I orientate myself according to very strong faith that this question/topic will appear just when I will be ready to get answer; in other words, I try to follow impulses telling me to do what I „ must”.   

Often it seems as if you in your stories “switch over“ among one and many worlds. How do you manage that?

Good question! In fact, I don’t know. Maybe it is due my talent, maybe due the fact that I know just one world and don’t feel it like switching over but nevertheless I am well acquainted in human drawers and I once look to the one of them, then to the other one…  Anyway, it took a long time until I learnt how to treat for example with fears  when I opened a drawer marked „fear“. Suddenly, it seems like you are in a world of concentrated fears and at the same time you shouldn’t forgot that it’s just one drawer, one folder and besides them there is a splendid mixture, in which everything is in some balance.)

One of your books takes place in fictive container world where the people are surrounded with walls all the time. What do you think this metaphor should mediate to readers?

It can be different – as I said before, everything consists of various layers so a container  represents  many metaphors and everyone will get his own one. The walls determinate the space, to which we withdraw during the  reading. My personal wish is to show that any isolation – inner or outer – can become a creative, clarifying and healing moment and that such isolation often occurs due to incorrectly directed  visual angle in outer world and vice versa. Anyway, another thing is to that at the point we consider the wall or border needn’t be the end of all things (world, life). In other words, it doesn’t mean that if we don’t see something, we deliberately don’t perceive that we are not in permanent contact/exchange/communication with this thing.

Due to your education and experiences you consider yourself  more a processor or   a guide through human topics that means some kind of consciousness trainer/ consciousness coach, than an author and expert for solving the problems?

You named is concisely for this moment.

What do you think – do the people communicate less with their own egos, with their own  wishes and needs in this century?

I believe that they constantly communicate but they don’t know about it; that means they do it subconsciously. They can ” leave” and their minds can be in “other” world; for example they chat at computer but they just project their own egos to this media and in fact, they try to talk with themselves  and this way to find the answer for some questions – although at the end they will find the answer : „Here you won’t find yourself.“ 

Do you help people to learn this moving of views and to live contentedly?

I live; this is all I do. Maybe I live a little bit differently than many other people; that’s why it could happened that someone will be inspired with my way of life or with new opportunity, if he will somewhere a way that wasn’t be there for him till then. But yes, I go my ways and they help to clarify, to be more self-confident and I visualize them …

Which benefit or surplus value can readers achieve from your stories?

I just answered this question, didn’t I?

It seems like you consider a man to be a multiple personality, not a one whole?

I perceive is as follows: I am able to feel out the nature and possible potential, eventually the core of. On my way to such man  I often meet things being contrary  to something he considers to be his personality. And you must know that such man often has many “back-up” personalities or roles;  it depends on persons they are actually talking with  and the environment, in which they are situated. Yes, I am able to feel out some of them, because it corresponds to the nature of such man to create such personalities or roles, irrespective of his (her) reason. Anyway,  I don’t consider these parts of personality to be separated because as I said before, they are created by the same being..

How do you coach yourself in doing so?

 – as an author.   

It seems like you deliberately/subconsciously disavow yourself from the classis and common methods of psychology and psychiatry. Why? What do you miss doing that? How should we perceive people?

I don’t disavow myself. Each method and technique is just a method and technique, being creating and used by people. Similarly like at mentioned velocity or frequency we met (can work) various tools when we process our personal topics. Many years ago – during my hard period – I needed psychological consultancy;  it helped me very much  to find orientation, to think about me, to stabilize myself. Some time later, however, I felt that I stagnate; such consultancy didn’t satisfied me any more, I didn’t think any more that it is the right thing for me. Similarly, in the case of many other methods and techniques I learnt and tried after some time some questions appeared and I didn’t be able to find and answer by means of this method. Simply said, I had to go on.

How should we perceive people? As we don’t know the development stage in which such man is at the moment and we don’t know if the problem being for us easy to solve isn’t a difficult problem for him, a problem which he solves  right now, we must realize that this fact doesn’t indicate his (her) quality and abilities. Anyway, each time we watch other man, we can recognize our own quality and truth for us.

What do you think – which energies do affect the people?

All the energies …? Or according to autonomy/ sovereignty of such man?

It is crucial question, because you spend a lot of time writing at computer; in 90s the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk wrote in his book „On the same board“ that in some meaning Internet create the social metropolitan hermits loosing the ability to keep standard interpersonal and social relationships. What do you think about this generation, which will become probably very soon the controlling social elite?

Well, it is as follows: in New Age or in some other spiritual circles there are some trends to keep distance from radiation of computer and internet or to be protected from this radiation. Anyway, such thinking causes fear and triggers some ossifies, controlling and blocking mechanisms/behavior concepts. I answer that it is necessary to watch this impact, knowingly use it and keep the responsibility for. In my opinion everything has its own sense. Of course, I watch increasing number of virtual worlds and communities being created  during this process; they give some testimony about people being inhabitants of these worlds. These people have an opportunity to achieve this way the (self)-knowledge of what they wanted and why they needed this second world. 

This generation of “shadow and mud soldiers” will probably miss the state of awakened man, won’t it? When will the time of awakening for this generation come? What help does it need?

I would  like to answer this question metaphorically:

Imagine that your are bored, that you are missing impulses, that you feel like there are no thrill in your life. Then you will speak with someone known about that and get an epochal idea: you will create a labyrinth with all the possible niceties in order not to be boring. Everyone will find something inside it: action, gloominess, scariness, confusion, challenge, seductiveness, distortion … This news will spread. At opening long rows will formed in front of cash desk; everyone wants to experience it, everyone looks forward to his (her) future  illusive losing way, to the confusion, to the fear and to the feigned fear as if he (she) is really scared. This event is one great amusement and prospers. Each day is the same; the same rows in front of entry. Next obstacles are completed so as someone who has always experienced this all before can survive something new, unexpected again. And suddenly, some people are not able to control it any more. Maybe they overestimated themselves. They chose too high severity or they wanted to achieve immediately the highest possible level of amusement. Several days they search an exit, then they stick somewhere and nobody will come to help them; and there is no reason to come – nothing can happen, it is just a play … Various situations take place in the labyrinth and in front of it.  While the friends start a rescue action or want to enter the labyrinth by force, other people stand in a row  and wait for adventure. Responsible persons try to navigate the lost persons from their hiding places to the exit but they don’t react as they are afraid and don’t trust anybody. What can you do? To rebuild a scary castle to a pleasant place where just the nice melody sounds and where each corner is well illuminated? What about the people standing still in front of entry who bought  the tickets to the scary castle in advance or even in black market?

What is awakening in this story? Isn’t the awakening a part of the state when we face the reality? We know that there are people preferring such extreme entertainment (even scaring) that they continue to create the scary castles. And can we ask ourselves if we are not (though in  subconscious) such people, too? And when the lost people will wake up? However, when they will open their eyes and recall the memories, they will find out that they are in the centre of a game they created and wanted to experience…

Mrs, Hazler, if you could wish something, personally, as well as for the world, what it would be?

I would wish that everyone sweep at first in front of his own threshold, because …

I am persuaded that:

If everyone do all the things being natural for him (her) … if everyone follows his inner impulses … trust his own feelings, place the legs one after the other and let himself to be carried naturally,  let his hands to act …  all the things would beautifully fit together and we would have a chance to learn that in each moment we have all we need and our world would became a place when the mistrust and fear will be replace with self-confidence and confidence in life as such.