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BewusstseinsAkademie – ConsciousnessAcademy

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Our Consciousness Academy was founded in 2010 (Vienna, Austria) and sees itself as a leading platform for consciousness topics. We strive to accompany individuals and companies on their way to a better and more conscious future in many areas of life and work through coaching, training, courses and education as well as inspiring books.

Realizing visions

More and more people are becoming aware of the deeper connections and the complexity or multidimensionality of life that were previously unconscious. Conscious (re)thinking and acting in “wholeness”, in the “whole” is already taking place. Precisely because life, thinking and feeling are becoming more profound, it is important that we simplify and streamline our own existence and shed old (mental) strain in order to gain the necessary agility and flexibility for the times ahead. Our Consciousness Academy supports you in gradually harmonizing all areas of your life, including business, with your own life plan and your (soul) vision.

Successfully understanding interrelationships and influences

Many of today’s personal and social feelings and events can no longer be understood without better knowledge of the energetic and psychological connections. In our Consciousness Academy, the energetic and psychological connections are explained to you. Some things that have remained hidden from us for centuries are becoming more and more perceptible to us. It regularly breaks into our “dimension” and causes chaos and confusion where people cling to old ways of seeing and dealing with the world. With greater insight into your inner world(s) and knowledge of your own personality, including your corporate personality, you will be able to deal with the complex world of information, emotions, reactions and interactions more confidently and with greater self-assurance.

As part of the Consciousness Academy, we are happy to accompany you on your way to a greater understanding of the interrelationships and universal laws in order to successfully implement your own vision of a better, more sustainable world.

Further training and coaching for companies

With greater insight into the inner world and knowledge of one’s own personality, it is possible to deal more confidently with the complex world of information, emotions, reactions and interactions and to use inner feelings as a powerful measuring, orientation and management tool. Not only in the private sphere, but also in business matters, projects, services and, last but not least, in the development of ideas, conflict resolution, successful teamwork or the empathic leadership of your employees and the company.

Here we have put together our “business offer” for you, which is either suitable for you as an individual or in seminar form for your employees and can be individually designed. Please click on the respective link to get to the detailed description:

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