A Man and His Recovery – God’s Puzzle

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In her third book „Der Mensch und seine Heilung – Das göttliche Puzzle“ (A Man and His Recovery – God‘s Puzzle) Kristina Hazler – author, corporate coach and  consciousness trainer from Vienna thinks in fancy  thought-pictures and illustrations concerning daily experiences and needs of people in time, in which the health, welfare and harmony became the central subjects of our life and we seemingly have clear ideas how the things must and should  be. “At the same time the qualified specialists, physicians, therapists, consultants and others help us; they take over our life and our body to their experienced hands and we readily “leave us at their mercy“ because we are convinced that our life feels better in other hands – in hands of “experts”. Until we one day come near the point, at which we again feel the need to take our lives to our own hands and know ourselves on new level. At last we get to a point, in which we want to take responsibility for ourselves again and to live according to our own free will. And herewith a moment comes, at which we awake to our own „dirt“ and „mud” we, people produce with our thoughts, ideas and emotions – this sticky mud impeding our lives.

The author leads her readers through exciting lines of the book with huge sense and fantasy and asks them to leave routine and predestined ideas, better listen to their heart and be conscious of more things. In a filigree way, in details and almost materially she submits an evidence that the first step to recovery is the self-knowledge – from the outside or from inside. Only a clear self-reflection can help us to recognize the blocks and wounds, remove and transform them. As our „mud“ – our own energy, emotions, ideas, etc. – is all the time connected with us in its own way and one can dispose it only  with his own effort as it is shown by many episodes concerning our own body and energetic system of this extremely poetic and charming workpiece.

Kristina Hazler doesn’t fudge the question and problems how it is possible to help a men and rescue him when he himself isn’t sure if he wants us to do that. She emphasizes extremely the fields analyzing exact meaning of illness, healing and health. At the same time she compares our lives with labyrinth, in which some laws and rules seem to be valid. We often think that we don’t have a clear aim and don’t know which way we go. But where our plans and ideals from youth did stay? Did we loose our vigour or our drive? And as our body functions similarly as a car (vehicle), in the best case we hold the wheel in our own hands. Anyway, it seems that also so-called “experts” often sit rather to the passenger seat. If such behaviour formula is transferred to an energetic system, a problem occurs, as we suddenly need somebody who would drive / lead us through our lives.  To move on, countless “components” must cooperate mutually, similarly like in a car. Each part, each little stone has its own specific place, the only one right position in a god‘s puzzle…

The author searches the answers to requests what causes the diseases of our bodies, if we are able to reroute or change the natural energy and if are already ill even when we created such detours or are we just detoured, rerouted or blocked? Don’t we just think that we are ill? This book brings very exact and surprise answers. „A Man and His Recovery“ is required reading for all people, who want better know and extend their consciousness.

Review of the book: “A Man and His Recovery – God’s Puzzle
(from the German original „Der Mensch und seine Heilung – das göttliche Puzzle“)
Author of Bookreview: Horst Exler

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