Consciousness Training – The Human Paradox

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The book Consciousness Training – Human Paradox written by Kristina Hazler describes in vivid and various stories and interviews  big and small daily troubles. These interviews – as a synonym of exchange and communication  – take place on various consciousness levels and accompany the readers on  adventurous and fascinating way of our own awakening and self-knowledge. In her book author describes very personally and illustratively the possibilities of more conscious recognition of ourselves and our own lives.

In her stories this successful author and consciousness trainer take us for exciting trip in order to understand and know ourselves. She leads us to discovery of deep and dark parts of human soul. This way is full of stress and the readers  of this book will “feel” and “experience” it, too.

Kristina Hazler recorded her own experiences she experienced in altered states of consciousness, in which the daily  consciousness and common human sense, as well as human blocks don’t block a free thought flow. In the form of diary she thinks of various exciting experiences with hunger strike, describes the dreams, wishes, desires and fear and after all she address the question what will happen with a man, when he needn’t do nothing more, when he has no obligations, when one day the mind will „stop“? What to do or how it is when we needn’t do nothing more? Will our existence end or shall we be broken to parts inside?

In this book also many other interesting questions of daily life occur and are literally washed to the surface  – for example if disorientated  man  doesn’t follow in his life a course given him by other people,  with which he is not identified and which brings him no real joy. Or why in our society the earning of money and serious life has the highest priority. Is such unsatisfactory life really right and meaningful? What are people driven to by their many negative personal experiences? What are they expressing then – and are they capable, with regard to their needy shape/state, of experiencing and understanding more?

With her quite different way of view from totally changed visual angle Kristina Hazler helps us in her „human paradox“ to see and experience the problems in rather different way – mainly the eternal problem “to must” and tries to find answers for other questions: “Don’t the words „to must“ and „to need“  themselves keep this world in motion? Who does assign certain subjects their importance? It seems like just the people are more or less important. We live in a world full of false illusions? And what should we do with all the negative experiences – „mud” of past, which had been stuck on us for long time, how can we get it to the surface and how to handle it?

An impression occurs that a man moves all his life on a stage full of illusions – everything in his life is getting faster and rotates faster and faster. The hopeless and busy people are trying to survive this tempo. Anyway, beyond this role played by people in their lives everything moves in its own time, with its own velocity as if vitality, joy and harmony rule in life. Because the right and true principle we find in quite different perspective and frequency.  Sooner or later each of us will experience the “time of awakening“.

The author says that each man meets also the situations not corresponding with his current state of consciousness and development – first of all with his personal experiences, in which even the little things can be important. Nothing in our lives is accidental – all the life consists of experiences and knowledge. Each event needs its own tempo, way and time being characteristic for specific man. At the same time our bodies and souls undergo continuous transformation. The author says:„We should experience and learn consciously we are still ourselves. This fact forms a man, his individuality and his diversity“. „Paradox in life is that no paradox exists.“

Review of the book: “Consciousness Training – Human Paradox” ( from the german Original „Bewusstseins Coaching – Das menschliche Paradoxon“ )

Autor of review – Horst Exler